Had a good friend take me to Jeff Beck @ the Orpheum last Sunday (which is cool because I barely make time for myself to do such things!).
Jeff Beck is SO much of everything, obviously an outlandish guitar player and very, very humble with his feeling.
He’s both 70 and ridiculous!

His and Hers

My friends decided to hip their wedding vows again (have been happily together for years, but were prodded by a nine year old in the family to “do it again on the beach” in St. Barths). Who wouldn’t?
They fashioned wedding rings from my guitar strings, (someone cleaned them extraordinarily well, as they were quite destroyed). And, here’s the photo of the finished product!
Life is what happens while you’re making plans…so don’t make too many.

PS -these are Tone Rockets. They are not ordinary. They are ridiculous.
If you’re a guitar player and want to try a pack, email me.
If you desire a set of my destroyed used strings for some strange purpose (like the one just mentioned -hehe) again, email me.