My music on your phone

Last Saturday night I was playing “incognito” in an acoustic group (playing in a driveway for someone’s birthday).  It was ridiculous fun trying to remember as many grateful dead lyrics as I could!
Alas, I was spotted.  Someone approached me, flashed me the music player on their smartphone with “Fly” on it.  ”Is this you?” he asks?

“Fly” still gets around after 10 years.  If you don’t have it, I’ll gift it to you this week, pick it up HERE
You can leave a few bucks if you want *there’s always a donation option with my nimbit store.

There are only a handful of CD’s left, and I’ll bring them to Barn Jam #8!


Tearing it all down

My Tacoma acoustic getting rebuilt from the ground up. And, I find it indicative of the way I’ve felt this summer.
Time to strip off the finish of this and that, listening and studying material I’ve been working on for the last three years. Time to rebuild, regenerate, and re-engage.

Beehive Artist Invasion

evan You never who might snap a photo on their phone…or quickly render impressions with ridiculous talent and grace. Special thanks Aleksey Nelipa for doing this while I was playing at the Beehive last night!