I’m everywhere

allovertheplaceLeft to Right, Playing in Vermont with Entrain, playing an acoustic series @ the rhumbline in Gloucester, and printed up in an article in RI? -have to double check that one.
“I get around, I get around, I get around.” Could be a great song lyric.
It’s true that I moonlight quite a bit. I have a Jazz group called “Sauce” (more on that later this year). I even have a Yoga Band (bet you didn’t know that).

But, the big news is about the new EGB recording “Loyalty.” We’re in the works for a December arrival. Preview it Here.

When to let go

acouticbody My old acoustic (above) had been started on a rebuild almost two years ago. Presently, it’s builder has gone “offline” and the state of the guitar has been unknown to me for almost six months.
It begs the question, and it’s a familiar one.

When do we let go? When do we acknowledge the gamble that we take with thousands of decisions every day. Or the gambles that we choose not to take.

I would prefer to have this guitar, something most precious and sentimental returned to me, but in the end…we never really know.

How long do we wait for something? How long do we grieve? And how long do we debate with ourselves?

When we let go, we are free. And…there are plenty of other acoustics in the sea.

It’s still ok for girls to dance with girls.

Got a bit of a scathing message from someone, who…just happened upon one of my concerts…and had also happened upon one of my concerts…8 years ago?
She wrote a bit about how she didn’t even know I was there, when she found out it was me she talked up her friends about how blues and soul and such the music was, specifically pointing out “24 Hours” (which ironically, was probably the least blues like thing I’ve ever done).
She was very disappointed. No saxophone player. No old songs. No “It’s ok for girls to dance with girls.”
The past is always there for the people who want to go re-live it, again and again.

Alas, it’s not for me.

Download “It’s ok for girls to dance with girls”
Until Friday only, go get it (my gift to you): “It’s ok for girls to dance with girls