Sunday July 26 Red Hook Brewery

Playing a solo set this Sunday @ the Red Hook brewery in Portsmouth NH – Details HERE

Don’t stop belee-eeving.

This past Saturday night in York Beach, after a long and powerful dance set, including some newer originals that no one’s heard yet (“Let’s burn everything” and “Last night”), I was approached by a group of girls in their early twenties.
“Can you play Journey?” “Can you play don’t stop believing?”
It was innocent enough. The general unawareness that “our” people had come to see “us” and what “we” do as a band. Not Journey covers.

I deflected it. “I’ll fit it in if I can” was my answer.
“How about Elton John?” “How about Poison?” came the response.

They were grabbing at straws. Then, the realization came to me: They wanted to connect and had no other way of doing it then to ask me for titles and such for things that they knew. It was their way of showing gratitude.
“Don’t stop believing” that people will reveal themselves to you, albeit, sometimes in the strangest ways.

I made a few excuses, let them off the hook, charged through a 2 hour second set with the band, (hot-sweaty-wet-dancefloor madness-broken equipment-spilled drinks), and at the finale, we did “Billie Jean” for them.

Fundraising for Thomas continues!

People who know me, know Thomas Hebb.
(Didn’t know about what happened? Read HERE)