Beehive Artist Invasion

evan You never who might snap a photo on their phone…or quickly render impressions with ridiculous talent and grace. Special thanks Aleksey Nelipa for doing this while I was playing at the Beehive last night!

Art vs. the popularity contest

A few weeks back in Aukland NZ, as I was leaving an engagement I was quickly pinged by someone: “you’re very talented, have you every considered trying the voice?” Having only seconds, my playful response, “of course not, I’m an artist.”
Thankfully, this brought smiles.

I’m not “against” any of these popularity competition shows but they just don’t present art. They are entertainment vehicles that play out the psyche of getting chosen or getting left behind with music being more of an excuse than anything else. Might as well be beauty pageants or another version of “Survivor,” or maybe “Rock of love.” When have we seen a musician sing or play something that they themselves wrote, that no one had heard…yet?

And none of this is new. Popularity contests have been around since the dawn. Only, I’ve chosen not to be a part of them because I find them to be the antithesis of the creative spirit. I can’t even watch them.

Few of these talented singers may arise from the ashes of “manufactured celebrity talent star” to create something beautiful and meaningful, but most will inevitably fall from any kind of creative grace and simply become twitter stars.

Thanks Australia!

Many thanks to all my new friends in AU and NZ, can’t say enough great things!
Below: Onstage at the Merton Hotel with Dennis Aubrey in Sydney!