St Barths Bucket 2015

It’s happening this March!

Below are the original liner notes from “A Night at the Bazbar.”

“People rest up before the night comes, so that they may dance all night long in the Caribbean heat, and make as many memories as possible, hoping that they can somehow bring the energy with them when they leave such a beautiful place; the band intuits this and plays with heart every night as though it’s the last, because for a moment everyone’s lives seem suspended and time is simply gone.”

Laugh it off

Recently, backstage before a concert I had agreed to open (main act will go nameless), I was introduced to a large group of people as “Adam Ezra.” (Adam is a great musician of similar age and Boston roots but alas, I am not him).

The man making the introduction? None other than the manager of the main act (who will continue to go nameless).

It can be challenging to “stay in touch” “stay on top” or “simply be aware” of elements (not to mention people) that are connected to what you do.

When they mispronounce your name, or even in this case, introduce you by another name, you laugh it off if you can appreciate the silliness of it.

When life gives you lemons make…

Time to have fun

I’m looking for 25 friends to test listen to a new mix that we’ve finished. (“New mix” meaning a ready to go completed version of one of the new songs).
I’m tempted to go into detail but I won’t, (it’s more fun for you to find out).


Write me an email evangoodrow (at), simply tell me where you first saw/heard about/encountered me (and/or the band) and I’ll put you in a list that will have a random selection of 25 at the end of the weekend.

Merry X-mas guys!

It’s a special time. Don’t waste it. Hold your love ones close, and the ones not so close? Pull em’ in. We all need to hear it from time to time. And, this might be the best time.
So, let the holiday madness begin!