Because when they’re gone, they’re gone…

bazbarblogPhysical CD’s. What’s to become of them? Audiophiles love them, (along with good ole’ records) due to the crunching of MP3′s and “squishing” that happens in streaming.
We’ll keep printing discs for a variety of reasons, the most obvious being distribution at live shows.
The back catalog has done well in the digital and physical world, but making reprints most likely won’t happen.
17 hard copies of “A Night at the Bazbar” left. Find it Here.

“All Guitar” Saturday April 26th

The last guitar question/answer session happens at Onset Music in Wakefield MA on 4/26 (12pm)
Will you be there?
Pre-register Here or simply call 339-293-9393.
What is it? We hang out together and have a conversation focused solely on guitar. We’ll talk chord solos, melody and harmony, solo building, fretboard vocabulary. You need to preregister for this. If you have questions email, email me. evangoodow @
You can find it on Facebook Here.

Life on the Bow

evanbowNo matter how things unfold (rise and dip) I take comfort in the idea that I live my life on the bow, out front, getting wet, taking the wave, you get the idea. It’s not unheard of and the furthest thing from being anything philosophically new.
However, I find myself in need of reminding, again and again, because I’m capable of forgetting how fortunate I am to practice, write, and play music for the world.
When I get an opportunity to get on the bow of a beast like this (the Nefertiti) I don’t waste it. I hear music up there somewhere.