This is not my ride…

This bus belongs to Rusted Root (before we played a set for them I got this shot in).
Reposting it on facebook a few days back has reinforced how often times the “net” can be misdirecting in it’s nature.
People are congratulating me on…Making it? The tour? What?
The bus?
It’s not mine, but I suppose it’s nice of them to think it is.

It also says a lot about how we define success (at least subconsciously).
I like what Sting says in this short “10 question time magazine piece“: “you don’t play music to become rich and famous, you play music because it feeds your soul” (around minute 5)

It’s not about the bus. It’s about the music. (new recording comes out this summer).

More news on that to follow.

Passing of a King


I had the honor of encountering him, let alone sharing the stage with B.B.King.

He was a testimony to the power of the human spirit and the love of making music and art. His life could have been ordinary and he chose to make it extraordinary, and that’s the why the world notes his passing today.

Riley, thank you for all that you did.

Hard to find antiquities!

nimbitpullFound some hard to find/objects of rare antiquity!
Posters: Original posters (5) from 07-08′ Christmas/New Years Eve run in St. Barths.
5 Copies of “24 Hours” 4 copies of “Gettup” and 2 copies of “Fly” original print!

Send me email if you’re interested in the acquisition of any of these…

Also, “Fly” discount ends June 1. Get it HERE

Rick’s fundraiser

rickbenefit (above) Emma and Rick O’Neal, Scott Tarulli and I.

It was a who’s who in the music world last night turning up to support Rick and Emma for his stroke benefit in Plymouth MA last night (if you don’t know the story, scroll down a bit, you’ll find it).
Great sets by great musicians (too many to name here) great conversations with old friends (too many to list here) and just so much support all around (too many tears on Emma’s face).

It was confessed to me that they weren’t sure if anyone would come and then it became a matter of being worried that everyone would get in (it was capacity). I wasn’t surprised.

Rick and Emma deserved this. They make so much good in the world between their family, friends, music and work. No wonder they’re so popular.