Bootlegging your own music

In a time that Ipods are starting to be snarked at as if they were antiquated tape decks and computers are being made without CD drives, the listening “format” continues it’s dissemination with listeners (people over here listen on spotify, people over here only listen on itunes).
And of course, the compact disc.
Above is a thank you photo posted on facebook from Keni (a fan turned friend, or friend turned fan) who lost or burned out her copy of “Fly” and could only listen to music on a CD player.
“Fly” is out of print so I burned her a copy and sent it to PA.

Least I could do.

Show alert (Rhode Island)

Friday March 6th @ the Ganny (Narragansett Cafe) in Jamestown, the band will have one more sendoff before the Caribbean takes us away till spring. Meet us there!

Below, Show @ the Ritz with the Vineyard crew last weekend!
L to R: Bandleader Mike Benjamin, MVY radio host Alison Hammond, yours truly, Entrain bandleader Tom Major, and keyboard virtuoso Wes Nagy!

250 Times more…

When one pays 99 cents for one of my songs (mp3 track) they’re giving me upwards of 250 times what spotify and other streaming services pay (average .004 cents).
As the Taylor swifts and Jimmy Buffets (among others) withdraw from the streaming models, (more on that here) most continue to sign up for the new paradigm of the future to be heard in the masses.

Free music. All the time. Anywhere you want it.

The undeniable technology of music, and books, and movies, being emailed, swapped, downloaded for only the cost of the time of doing that (2 seconds on G4) forces the question: Do you support what you value with your dollars? Streaming (paying the bigger artists close to .007 cents) or buying the art?

People support me and the band. They pay the whopper dollar for the track. And it’s even more valuable when they know that it goes directly into our rents, mortgages, gas tanks, and most importantly, time.

It takes time to write. To edit. To go back and improve. To set up. To figure out.

And, that’s why we’re able to continue making music for you.

Epic Long Ballads

The first mix of “Airplanes” came in today. It’s a whopping seven and a half minutes.

I sometimes find myself thinking about the music world and how even such a short time ago there was still the notion that indies such as myself would be smart to make “radio friendly” mixes in the hopes of getting picked (for the unknowing, this essentially boils down to “the three and a half minute reduction mix”) … I mean, what radio station will entertain a 7 minute epic long ballad?

Today, surprisingly, the answer is many. While the Bruno Mars and the Gagas of the world continue their narrowcasting dominance on radio (don’t mistake this for complaining about the corporate feel to pop music), the core of the music world, the ground level if you will, continues to thrive in smaller places, smaller night clubs, indie radio stations, coffee houses, and what might be better understood as “niche” places.
And, in the end, I, along with the band, will release it as is, all seven and a half minutes of it, because it’s what we want, and we’re pretty sure it’s what you want as well.

Boston show drop Friday April 17th @ Church!