Strat Blues

Thanks to my St Barths family for the support! New music is on the way, with perhaps a new strat? Mine is beat!!! I would guess there were 3 drinks spilled on it by dancers last week…life in the trenches!!!
Instruments are replaceable, moments are not.

April 17th Boston

Heads up. The band is playing Church in Boston on Friday April 17th.
Maganahan’s Revival and the William Thompson Funk Experiment also on the bill. $10 early bird tickets, get em’ here!

St Barths Bucket 9th Anniversary

This will be my ninth St. Barths bucket in a few weeks.
I want to celebrate by giving a discount on “A night at the Bazbar” the original Bazbar recording made in St. Barths in 2007.


40% Off -Go here!