Last show of 2014! -This Saturday Night Nov 1st

This will be the last EGB show of 2014 (other than the Christmas Barn Jam on December 6th). So…make plans, recruit your crew and head to Gloucester MA on November 1st! MINGLEWOOD

Rockin’ the acoustic on November 8th

I’ll be playing a solo acoustic set opening for the “Jon Butcher Axis” at the Larcom Theater on Saturday November 8th. Go HERE for details.
For those who don’t know, I’ve always been an acoustic player and I’m excited to be playing the Larcom!

(last time in Beverly was at the North Shore Music Theater with B.B.King)

Speaking up

Our bud Jimmy Buffett (above playing with us in the Caribbean earlier this year) spoke up to Spotify guru Daniel Ek and asked him for a raise, addressing payment to musicians, writers, and artists. Read an article on it Here
If you don’t know what Spotify is, (or streaming for that matter), you can read on that Here.

There are so many different opinions and POV’s on the music world and what’s called the “music biz,” I won’t get into that on this blog.
I will simply say, when someone like Jimmy stands up and illuminates what’s happening, it’s important to recognize that it takes someone of his caliber (celebrity power) to do it.

Thanks Jimmy!

Looking forward to the past

When someone asks me “where have you been hiding?” there’s never one answer (other than, “I haven’t been”).
We had a few new faces at the Grog this past Saturday night, and I got asked this, despite the 6 years we’ve played there, people are still discovering the music.

As technology continues its acceleration equation on the culture, the traffic increases, and as a result, it’s easy to miss some things that have been at your doorstep the entire time.

As CD’s continue their long exit, there’s only a few left from a back catalog that spans a decade. Available only till Nov 1 HERE!