On the Radio, and on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend.

The River 92.5fm played us last night. Somewhere inbetween Los Lonely Boys and Steely Dan…fitting. Remember the 2008 show we played with Los Lonely Boys?

In the meantime, MVYRADIO is the only station that may or may not have cuts from “Loyalty” and I’ll be seeing them this weekend on Martha’s Vineyard this Friday night as I invade the Ritz with good friends including Mike Benjamin and bassist Greg De Toro.
Here’s the most horrible cell phone shot I have in my collection! (This was taken last year about this time when we did our winter solstice meet-up show!

Rolling along with the Pledgemusic campaign

This is a first glimpse at a video of us doing “Hey Joe” for one of our pledgers from the Pledgemusic campaign we’ve rolled out.

(If you want your name on the thank you credits and on the actual CD that pledge expires at the end of this weekend).

A big thank you to John D. for requesting this one, you’ll find it up on Tuesday on our Youtube page. Pledgers may be seeing it earlier (once you pledge, the notifications come quicker).

And, a thank you to everyone who’s pledged their “Loyalty” so far. We were at 50% in the first 8 days (pledge works on 60 day runs), and we’re at 62% present.

Your name on “Loyalty?”

Deadline is this Monday for This! (The campaign goes for another 50 days but this option is expiring)

Pledgemusic is going really, really well. In fact, the Pledgemusic people are going to feature us up there with some other well known names (Violent Femmes, David Hasselhoff?)

Update: T-shirts have graphics next to them for viewing!
House concerts can be summer backyard parties! (we come up with a date together)
We’re recording “Hey Joe” tomorrow night for one of our pledgers!

Check it out.

Or maybe you just want to watch me play guitar instead.