Words, titles, and what they mean to music.

buesonbeach (All photos by Christina Cole)
20,000 people turned up for the “Blues on the beach” in Stratford CT last weekend (a barely advertised event -it’s all volunteer die hards who love it) that featured 5 great bands that might be described as “bluesy” but in reality, -not blues bands.

A NH “blues festival” that falls within the same month will be lucky if it has 2,000 attendees.

The “scene” is never where you think it is.
As for the talk of titles and genres….

Perhaps Dylan started this 50 years ago with the electric guitar at the Newport Folk fest (plenty of electrics there these days), or maybe it was the Police at Bonnaroo (a jam festival?) a decade back. Maybe it doesn’t really matter.

When you round up art and name it a genre, you’re essentially placing it in a cell. And, it’s never really guilty of anything nor needed to be locked up. For the record, I love plenty of “genres” (think, they weren’t genres when they started right?).

When the titles go away and the genres come out to play, well then…you get original.

How do you describe it?

I actually used the words “Rich, complex, and multi-faceted” (just a bit different than multi-layered) when describing the new EGB recording to a radio DJ this past fall.

Peet’s coffee (yep, that’s a Peet’s coffee label above) it seems, beat me to it.

As the music genres (in the “museum” sense of the word) continue to die off, it’s fascinating to watch how art markets itself. Coffee for instance, is like an old friendship, which is of course, complex.
(Funnier when you put it like that).

Sunday July 26 Red Hook Brewery

Playing a solo set this Sunday @ the Red Hook brewery in Portsmouth NH – Details HERE