Life on the Bow

evanbowNo matter how things unfold (rise and dip) I take comfort in the idea that I live my life on the bow, out front, getting wet, taking the wave, you get the idea. It’s not unheard of and the furthest thing from being anything philosophically new.
However, I find myself in need of reminding, again and again, because I’m capable of forgetting how fortunate I am to practice, write, and play music for the world.
When I get an opportunity to get on the bow of a beast like this (the Nefertiti) I don’t waste it. I hear music up there somewhere.

Live Animals

1. I Know Why liveanimalsversion1
2. Let Me
3. What Happens
4. C Minor Groove
5. Miss you (r. stones)
6. Loyalty

“Live Animals” isn’t online yet, you can only get them at shows.