Had a good friend take me to Jeff Beck @ the Orpheum last Sunday (which is cool because I barely make time for myself to do such things!).
Jeff Beck is SO much of everything, obviously an outlandish guitar player and very, very humble with his feeling.
He’s both 70 and ridiculous!

His and Hers

My friends decided to hip their wedding vows again (have been happily together for years, but were prodded by a nine year old in the family to “do it again on the beach” in St. Barths). Who wouldn’t?
They fashioned wedding rings from my guitar strings, (someone cleaned them extraordinarily well, as they were quite destroyed). And, here’s the photo of the finished product!
Life is what happens while you’re making plans…so don’t make too many.

PS -these are Tone Rockets. They are not ordinary. They are ridiculous.
If you’re a guitar player and want to try a pack, email me.
If you desire a set of my destroyed used strings for some strange purpose (like the one just mentioned -hehe) again, email me.

The Story

I know many musicians who have played the “games,” (mostly the “Voice” and “American idol”) over the last decade. When they finish the rehearsed scripts and board meeting paper shuffles with the contracts and the lawyers, they get to sing a cover song with the world watching and then they’re seemingly gone from the light.
Let’s own up to the fact that it is in fact, a new world karaoke, and under judgement.

And then they go…back to their “gigs” the irish pubs and chinese restaurants that host “the blues scene” on Sunday afternoons.

One of my friends who was on the voice several years back (will go nameless here) was asked to “change her story,” on the program. The synopsis was something like: We the “voice” have decided to have you in the finals, or possibly have you win, and in order to do that, we want to say that your “history” and your “story” is something different than what it is.

What was wrong with her story? I suppose only those guys know.
I give her points for turning them down (she did). Lying to the world on TV probably carries some karmic undertow to it, right?

My point is, I don’t think my story is very interesting either (*to the masses at least).
The grind of 10,000 hours of practice and writing and driving and playing, and just a massive rinse and repeat for 15 years.

Not as entertaining as “raised by wolves, thrown out of this and that college-school-institution, childhood dance star, rehab at 21.”
For me, my life has been nothing but interesting. The travels, the conversations, the experience, ultimately the personal.

I find the phrase “nothing personal” summarizes the “games” and the lack of art and substance that they embody.
And that’s why, I don’t play.