Early on I remember reading somewhere “your ancestors worked twice as hard for have as much” in response to “the gripe.”  What an incredible world we have and yet people will find reason to complain.

Seeing a fake news (or rather an “angled” news article) about Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen “hitting the road” to tour because he can’t sustain his income on record sales alone really hits home in the “record sales revenue” debate.  And, it doesn’t.

Did the 69 year old invest, diversify, own anything in the 30 plus years of 6 or possibly 7 figure income earning?  Just how much is his bottom line and how much does he need to pull in?   Is it so bad that he needs to “hit the road” to eat?

The article makes it sound that way.

The best part about the music “biz” is that the clothes have come off.  And, that’s the worst part too.  You can dress pop music up with millions of fake hits and pings from the third world corridor to tell the youth, “this is popular” and “this is the song of the summer” but you don’t get the same results.

And yet, self funding is heavier than it’s ever been, and for those curious enough to look for it, there’s great art being made out there.

I’m happy with my crew of supporters.  I’m surrounded by people who have an intelligent imagination and information (some more than others) on what it is that I do everyday, and why it is that I do it.

They come out of the woodwork.  They send me thank you’s, and sometimes just money because they want me to keep writing, keep producing.

And that’s why I do it.