But what do we do when it breaks?

I’ve broken and changed a guitar string mid-song before.  I’ve been accused of making it look easy but that’s only because it used to happen a lot (in earlier days I’d try to get as many shows out of a set of strings as possible).

This Saturday the band is playing in Westford at the Parish Center for the Arts.

The last time we were there  in September of 15′ John’s keyboard rig failed entirely.  Luckily there was a tuned concert grand piano on the stage and so we moved it out and played the rest of the show on it in a quieter ballad filled way.

The truth is, there are no easy answers.  Sometimes the plane is delayed, sometimes the equipment blows up, sometime it just rains on an outdoor stage.  You can’t control these things.

But, if there’s a way to play or rather a way to improvise in a setting that has disaster, well then you’re on to something and maybe something happens that’s good enough to tell someone about.

The show must go on.