“Let’s Burn Everything”

A song title as a metaphor for starting over.

Many things that worked before, aren’t working anymore.  This seems to me to be a unanimous decision.

There are systems in place, all kinds, political, financial, and “personal belief systems” that simply don’t work in the new world.

And, “We’re all on our way somewhere” so why not burn the old and create the new with conversations, study, and maybe some music too.

Starting over isn’t easy but we do it anyway.

It’s good to share in the new world.

Here’s some words written to me from someone about “Let’s Burn Everything:”

“The meaning of Lets Burn Everything shows that you can start over if you are brave enough. I had been through a lot in my life and my life still has a lot to put me through. I lost everything except what I could stuff into my Dodge Caravan.
I had to start over. Hind sight i lost my son because of my ex. There is that no so easy part. And I tried to keep him in my life but my ex won after 6 years in court and all the horrendous fights. Life goes on and I will die if I do not have resilience. Hope lies in my now. I live. Am alive, waiting for my sons return when my exs poison wears off. He is 20, I have not seen him in 5 years. Thats would tear any man who loves their children down.

When i hear that song it reminds me who I am. I am a grandson of a Cossack, son of a ww2 hero and wounded firefighter, a man built for battle. Lets burn everything, love stands, the essence of who I am rises from the ashes. I keep moving, an unstoppable force.”