5 Things about me you didn’t know.

I tend to remain quiet about my extra curricular activities.  So for intimacy’s sake, I give you: “5 Thing about me you didn’t know.”

  1. I played guitar at Wally’s in Boston  on Monday night’s for almost 3 years as the somewhat music director for the Boston Music Circus (now defunct).  I do miss this band consisting of Mario Perrett on sax, Chris Anzelone on drums and Randy Bramwell on bass.
  2. I booked a music venue in Lowell MA for just over 6 years (The entire time they were in business, over 1300 shows).  It was a lot of unforgiving work but it allowed me to build something special in that community, and thankfully it’s demise had nothing to do with slow business or lack of interest.
  3. My famed jazz guitar once belonged to Duke Robillard, as far as I know he wants it back and he’ll never get it.
  4. I was a long time student of the great Charlie Banacos, a man worth reading about (although there’s not a lot of literature on him), and also a man who made great teaching method models (although you’ll never understand his teaching unless someone explains how to use it).
  5. I represented the “Count Us In” an overseas voting tool for soldiers who might have been excluded in the 2008 election (I was doing a tour of Nato Bases in Spain and Portugal).