Mine would be black

We have so many ways of communicating now and such a high rate of misunderstanding.  It’s a text, an instagram, a reply to a Facebook comment, email and IM, and without a solid understanding who’s at the other end it can get challenging when gauging humor.

A few years back I posted this photo on Facebook and had a massive amount of traffic show up, mainly congratulatory in nature for “making it” “owning a bus” “being that famous” and every version of that you might imagine.

It was silliness.
Half the people viewing skipped the caption (I was posing in front of Rusted Roots bus, -band from the 90’s) because we were opening for them.

I went back and corrected as many statements and answered as many questions as I could but it showed me that the people who support me imagine that I would have such a bus someday.
But, this can’t be mine.

My bus would be black.