The insanity of lyric comprehension

The talking heads would write lyrics on strips of paper and randomly put them together, thus some of the lyrical nonsense it led to, but part of the bands charm.

I played “Let Me” on Saturday night for a couple (because it’s “their” song) and later they remarked how odd it was that “their” song was in fact, a break-up song.

Is it?

I don’t think it necessarily has to be.  It could be interpreted as a plea to stay together.

This is the insanity of lyric comprehension, and the charm.  Unless you’re going to sing something as literal as “I ran my car over your front lawn” well then, they’re might be room to “attach” your own mood, situation, or feeling to a song.

If everyone hears or sees something different, maybe that’s when art is the most potent.