VOCALS, GUITAR, Songwriter

Evan Goodrow


From the East Coast and French Caribbean to Spain and Portugal, Evan Goodrow has played with most of his musical heros, including B.B. King, Jimmy Buffet, Buddy Guy, Peter Frampton, G.E. Smith, Susan Tedechi, Los Lonely Boys, J. Geils, and many others.
His singing and guitar playing mix traditional blues and jazz styles with new songs and straightforward soul lyrics that lend themselves to both solo acoustic appearances as well as his own EGB (Evan Goodrow Band).

The “Evan Goodrow Band” live in that world despite owning motown, jazz, blues, and dance influences that bleed out in both their songwriting formats and their jamming abilities. And in the trio format setting (Evan singing and guitar, John C. playing hammond in addition to bass, and Phil A. handling the percussion) there’s no place to hide the soul pounding that makes people dance more than anything. Ironically compared to massive bands like “Tower of Power” (who not only have horns but more rhythm section players as well) one might wonder why, until you hear them. In short, it’s a lot of sound for three guys.

Drums, Percussion

Phil Antoniades

As a young’n, Bay Area transplant Phil Antoniades, took the early influences of Tower of Power, Earth Wind and Fire plus the inevitable draw of San Francisco Jazz. After a tour of Japan, Phil bagged a full scholarship to Berklee College of Music and began a long and convoluted trip through gigs with punk bands, singer songwriters, pop rock posers, wedding bands, 3 years of primarily playing a Rolling Rock beer case, sinking as low as the Spirit of Boston lunch cruise and flying as high as opening for the Spin Doctors and Van Halen. Touring around the world and across the country way to many times brought Phil home to the edgy Funk of EGB. “The funky grooves, varied dynamics, lots of improv plus new surprise every night makes performing with EGB my favorite space to be.”

Phil’s equipment includes 1963 Sonar drums, a DW Craviato Snare, Custom tambourine floor tom, the crappiest hi-hat cymbals he could find, a beautiful K Ride, Paiste Crash and whatever 5B sticks happen to be on sale.


John Cooke

If you were to take the screaming organ of Jimmy McGriff, the soul of Ray Charles, and the groove of Neal Evans and John Medeski, and pack it into the energy and fire of Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Hendrix you might get John Cooke. Specializing in Hammond B-3, Piano and Rhodes, or “just about anything with ebonies and ivories,” he plays with a fiery energy that captivates audiences. An inventive songwriter, an animated and talented performer, and just an affable guy, John can quickly light up any stage.

John brings an incredible change to the sound of the band. Along with the classic funky organ sound, now there is that deep low thump of organ bass. It’s not surprising for people to be looking for a bass player hiding in his Leslie* (the rotary horn speaker that spins right behind him all night long).

*And he absolutely loves being asked questions about his equipment, so buy him a drink and go ahead, “fire away.”