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In the Boston Globe

North Shore people, I’m in Beverly this Saturday night playing ShelterFest – a fundraiser for Harborlight Community Partners. (a nonprofit organization that provides local families in need with affordable housing) in Beverly MA. 12pm-9pm (we are last -8pm start), and it’s at a church, how cool is that? It’s always cool to be mentioned.

Where and how do we listen?

While quickly rehearsing a band in Seoul last week through a set of songs the drummer asked me why I waited so many years in-between recordings.  Thinking it was a language gap, I asked him a few different questions and finally pinpointed that he had bought my music from Apple iTunes, and so none of […]

CD inserts (don’t we miss them?)

Sharing brings us together.  Above is the CD insert from “Fly” 2004, with a blurb about each track…when we make time to read them. Track 3 “Gettup” is this weeks give away.  Get it HERE PS – a great article on dedicated listening (thanks to James Jackson Toth for the writing)

Somewhere in Tokyo

The C-artist club in Tokyo functions as an original acoustic roots music venue (Boston people: think Club Passim).  I had the pleasure of splitting the night with 3 other singer songwriters, all Japanese, and all excited to have someone from the states on the bill. The club was decorated with blues music items, literally, everywhere. […]

Moving forward

2017 was an epic year for me -the United Nations concert in Boston, the gigs with African poet Marc Alexandre in NYC, the St. Barths bucket grand concert (pictured above) and so much more. “Burn” was released. The end of the BackPage (the club I booked 1300 shows at). HeatherFest! (another repeat close out performance with Chris […]

Give back

I give in a number of different ways but performing is the best way I know how.  I’ll be helping out the “Shelter Fest” in Beverly MA on Saturday January 27th as part of a day long fundraiser with multiple bands (12pm-9pm) to raise money for low income housing recipients on the North Shore. Details […]

Showing up

I like to drop in and play the guitar pretty much whenever I can… This was taken at “Slades” a few weeks back -they have a ruckus Tuesday night jam you might want to check out (and I was there again last night). I’ve been a fan of “the jam” forever, places where strangers meet […]