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“Let’s Burn Everything”

A song title as a metaphor for starting over. Many things that worked before, aren’t working anymore.  This seems to me to be a unanimous decision. There are systems in place, all kinds, political, financial, and “personal belief systems” that simply don’t work in the new world. And, “We’re all on our way somewhere” so […]

But what do we do when it breaks?

I’ve broken and changed a guitar string mid-song before.  I’ve been accused of making it look easy but that’s only because it used to happen a lot (in earlier days I’d try to get as many shows out of a set of strings as possible). This Saturday the band is playing in Westford at the […]

Guitar chords to “Sitting”

I get asked about what I’m doing on the guitar when it comes to this and that (most recently about the guitar chords I’m using on this one). One reviewer called my new cover of “Sitting on the dock of the bay” as anorexic, in the sense that production wise, it’s very, very minimal. Guitarists […]

Music for the listening

I didn’t really grow up “with” Steely Dan, but I grew up with aunts that were still listening to Steely Dan and it sunk in.  I had the entire catalog by freshman year of college and spent a lot of time learning the material and the players (it’s an entire world for those unfamiliar). A […]


The music….how does it connect with you? Because it’s different for everyone. For some it’s lyrics, others it’s “beat” (rhythm pules etc.). And still what about the energy of it?  The vibration of it? As you can see above, the boys like to have fun and I think that’s essential. If it’s not fun then […]

A big thanks to Alex and Ani!

A big thank you to everyone at Carolyn’s Sakonnet vineyard last night.  They shot a video of us doing “Let’s Burn Everything” and that’s on it’s way. Last years video doesn’t look to shabby though.


Early on I remember reading somewhere “your ancestors worked twice as hard for have as much” in response to “the gripe.”  What an incredible world we have and yet people will find reason to complain. Seeing a fake news (or rather an “angled” news article) about Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen “hitting the road” to tour […]