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The insanity of lyric comprehension

The talking heads would write lyrics on strips of paper and randomly put them together, thus some of the lyrical nonsense it led to, but part of the bands charm. I played “Let Me” on Saturday night for a couple (because it’s “their” song) and later they remarked how odd it was that “their” song […]

This or that?

I stopped competing in the music world a long time ago (think music awards for genres and the like). Why do it when I can spend my energy listening to the people who listen to me and tell me what they think. (Steve makes a fine example below) Evan, Finally, belatedly downloaded and listened to the […]

Mine would be black

We have so many ways of communicating now and such a high rate of misunderstanding.  It’s a text, an instagram, a reply to a Facebook comment, email and IM, and without a solid understanding who’s at the other end it can get challenging when gauging humor. A few years back I posted this photo on […]

Out Of Control

“I went searching for redemption, when all my hope fell right through the floor. Hitch a ride on the wind, you told me you don’t love me anymore.” Find it Here

5 Things about me you didn’t know.

I tend to remain quiet about my extra curricular activities.  So for intimacy’s sake, I give you: “5 Thing about me you didn’t know.” I played guitar at Wally’s in Boston  on Monday night’s for almost 3 years as the somewhat music director for the Boston Music Circus (now defunct).  I do miss this band […]

Lyrics with feeling

Right now for me is all about writing lyrics.   Lots and lots of lyrics. And while re-thinking a few things, I’m simply making some things I do better. I like the notion that you can read lyrics and they can stand up on their own without music.  I also like it when the music pulls […]

When the internet goes down

Losing power for a day or two always reminds me how much we’re connected to the “brain” (internet).  I’ve got digital recorders, cassettes, mostly CD’s, 3? iPods, 2 laptops, all with music.   I am also on Spotify but I’m just getting around to it. I sent an mp3 to a fan who always listens […]

“Let’s Burn Everything”

A song title as a metaphor for starting over. Many things that worked before, aren’t working anymore.  This seems to me to be a unanimous decision. There are systems in place, all kinds, political, financial, and “personal belief systems” that simply don’t work in the new world. And, “We’re all on our way somewhere” so […]