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“What’s going on”

I was the special guest at the Beehive last night, playing jazz and blues with the Sunday night residency crew.  At request I sang “What’s going on.”  I had a revelation during the performance of how pertinent the song still is, so many years on.  Great art with such great meaning.  Great songs. Time lends […]

Cool people

I meet a lot of people.  And, I talk to a lot of people.  And you might imagine, sometimes I meet people and then they show up to a show after 1, 2, or maybe 6 years. And sometimes they take photos of me.  In this case, a supersized glossy of me onstage on the […]

2017 (a look ahead)

I think 2017 will be particularly remembered as a year of change -socially, economically, politically, and for me, musically. I’ve opened the band up to new members and have been writing a lot of new material. What does that mean? New songs, new show, new faces. What does it sound like? “Loyalty” is on Spotify. […]

The Recording Situation

Purportedly, Miles Davis never listened to his recordings once he was done with him.  In his words (I’m paraphrasing) “it’s like looking back, and I only want to look forward.” Years spent in the writing studio, then the recording studio, then the editing studio, it’s easy to forget the “essence” of the material, especially when […]

Hanging with Slam Poets

We met on this stage.  This is Marc Alexandre, a rather passionate and visionary slam poet from Cameroon.  I met him in Bordeaux this past November and I’ll be accompanying him this February in Manhattan and Pennsylvania (Feb 15-18). Both shows are colleges and open to the public, More information will be on the Shows page. […]

The Micro-Communities

There are many scenes (especially in the arts).  There’s the large party (the half time show with the Gaga’s and the Mars) and then there’s the rest of the world (which is us -really the 99%). The Micro-communities of cool people. Years ago we played the Crossroads Music Series and it was so good in […]