“Let’s Burn Everything”

A song title as a metaphor for starting over.

Many things that worked before, aren’t working anymore.  This seems to me to be a unanimous decision.

There are systems in place, all kinds, political, financial, and “personal belief systems” that simply don’t work in the new world.

And, “We’re all on our way somewhere” so why not burn the old and create the new with conversations, study, and maybe some music too.

Starting over isn’t easy but we do it anyway.

It’s good to share in the new world.

Here’s some words written to me from someone about “Let’s Burn Everything:”

“The meaning of Lets Burn Everything shows that you can start over if you are brave enough. I had been through a lot in my life and my life still has a lot to put me through. I lost everything except what I could stuff into my Dodge Caravan.
I had to start over. Hind sight i lost my son because of my ex. There is that no so easy part. And I tried to keep him in my life but my ex won after 6 years in court and all the horrendous fights. Life goes on and I will die if I do not have resilience. Hope lies in my now. I live. Am alive, waiting for my sons return when my exs poison wears off. He is 20, I have not seen him in 5 years. Thats would tear any man who loves their children down.

When i hear that song it reminds me who I am. I am a grandson of a Cossack, son of a ww2 hero and wounded firefighter, a man built for battle. Lets burn everything, love stands, the essence of who I am rises from the ashes. I keep moving, an unstoppable force.”

Did you miss this?

But what do we do when it breaks?

I’ve broken and changed a guitar string mid-song before.  I’ve been accused of making it look easy but that’s only because it used to happen a lot (in earlier days I’d try to get as many shows out of a set of strings as possible).

This Saturday the band is playing in Westford at the Parish Center for the Arts.

The last time we were there  in September of 15′ John’s keyboard rig failed entirely.  Luckily there was a tuned concert grand piano on the stage and so we moved it out and played the rest of the show on it in a quieter ballad filled way.

The truth is, there are no easy answers.  Sometimes the plane is delayed, sometimes the equipment blows up, sometime it just rains on an outdoor stage.  You can’t control these things.

But, if there’s a way to play or rather a way to improvise in a setting that has disaster, well then you’re on to something and maybe something happens that’s good enough to tell someone about.

The show must go on.

Guitar chords to “Sitting”

I get asked about what I’m doing on the guitar when it comes to this and that (most recently about the guitar chords I’m using on this one).

One reviewer called my new cover of “Sitting on the dock of the bay” as anorexic, in the sense that production wise, it’s very, very minimal.

Guitarists may be able to decipher these chord pictures, but I’ve found the general public have found a sort of joy in just seeing it as eye candy.

(note for guitarists: you need to “know” the chords and song structure before applying these voicings)


Music for the listening

I didn’t really grow up “with” Steely Dan, but I grew up with aunts that were still listening to Steely Dan and it sunk in.  I had the entire catalog by freshman year of college and spent a lot of time learning the material and the players (it’s an entire world for those unfamiliar).

A big thank you to Walter Becker for living the life that he did.
A big thank you to Tom Moon for writing so eloquently about that (great article here).



The music….how does it connect with you?

Because it’s different for everyone.
For some it’s lyrics, others it’s “beat” (rhythm pules etc.).
And still what about the energy of it?  The vibration of it?

As you can see above, the boys like to have fun and I think that’s essential.
If it’s not fun then why do it?

There’s no Biz like ShowBiz
There’s no night like October 13th
There’s no time to be posting acoustic performances

A big thanks to Alex and Ani!

A big thank you to everyone at Carolyn’s Sakonnet vineyard last night.  They shot a video of us doing “Let’s Burn Everything” and that’s on it’s way.

Last years video doesn’t look to shabby though.

When they listen

And they write about it.  Thanks BC.


Early on I remember reading somewhere “your ancestors worked twice as hard for have as much” in response to “the gripe.”  What an incredible world we have and yet people will find reason to complain.

Seeing a fake news (or rather an “angled” news article) about Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen “hitting the road” to tour because he can’t sustain his income on record sales alone really hits home in the “record sales revenue” debate.  And, it doesn’t.

Did the 69 year old invest, diversify, own anything in the 30 plus years of 6 or possibly 7 figure income earning?  Just how much is his bottom line and how much does he need to pull in?   Is it so bad that he needs to “hit the road” to eat?

The article makes it sound that way.

The best part about the music “biz” is that the clothes have come off.  And, that’s the worst part too.  You can dress pop music up with millions of fake hits and pings from the third world corridor to tell the youth, “this is popular” and “this is the song of the summer” but you don’t get the same results.

And yet, self funding is heavier than it’s ever been, and for those curious enough to look for it, there’s great art being made out there.

I’m happy with my crew of supporters.  I’m surrounded by people who have an intelligent imagination and information (some more than others) on what it is that I do everyday, and why it is that I do it.

They come out of the woodwork.  They send me thank you’s, and sometimes just money because they want me to keep writing, keep producing.

And that’s why I do it.